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I've chosen the name as a reflection of a world in transition not quite knowing what's on the

other side of the bridge.



For good reasons, she did bad things.
As the system fractures under the weight of capitalist greed, Imogen Thomas, hacker, part time anarchist and occasional fire-starter, knew she was on the wrong side of the law, but whose side was the law on?
With the unwitting assistance of a not so innocent priest, a sceptical accomplice and a small band of environmental cyber-geeks, Imogen is on a mission to redistribute the vast fortunes of the super rich until the wealthiest man on the planet decides to teach her a terminal lesson.
  “A gripping read, which made me shiver at times as it is very close to what could become our reality.”
  “A truly compelling story about a young woman caught up in the collapse of world order.”
When the system breaks down, whose side will you be on?

Peter has previously produced a small history of the small Dorset village where he grew up.
Specialising in short stories and winner of the Flash 500 competition, this is his first full length novel.
He is a Greenpeace volunteer and with his wife, lives off-grid in mid Wales with 31 rabbits.